Our company

the history

The surname De Waard is a well known name when it comes to flowebulbs. Firms J. de Waard and Zn. existed for over 100 years. The founder of our company, Jan de Waard, pioneered the bulb cultivation to the area around Egmond. The location near the sea, and the light sandy soils were highly favorable for growing bulbs. His company flourished in the twenties and thirties of the last century. But the economic crisis and World War II brought a heavy blow to the bulb growing. Since the fifties, the company grew again, now led by 6 sons – Jan de Waard had fifteen children – took the business in new markets in Sweden, Germany and England.

In 1979 the company split and the brothers went their separate ways. Nico de Waard continued under Fa. J. de Waard & Zn, and together with his son Jos focused mainly on the Swedish and German markets. Over the years, as other countries added